Sunday, August 31, 2003

Sup yo, it's me. I guess I'm now good enough to post here. Well, I'll keep you all posted from time to time on where I am and what I'm up to. As of now I leave on Thursday and will be back around the 20th of October. So I'll keep you all informed of my adventures around the States

Friday, August 29, 2003

1) Know your Limits.
2) Shit or get off the Pot.
3) Everything works itself out in the end.
4) Never date your climbing partner.
5) Never leave a Man/gear behind
6) Booty gear is shared or claimed by turn between partners regardless of who cleans it or who spots it.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Finger injuries in climbing

Pain locally at the pulley (usually sharp)....Check

May feel a 'pop' or 'crack'.....Check

Swelling and possible bruising...Negative

Pain on resisting flexion....Negative

Pain on extension stretch....Negative

Hopefully just a sprain...

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

the upcoming fourth film by Quentin Tarentino
as sure as god made little green apples Uma Thurman will Kill Bill
Checked with the gym last night and you're good with a pass for Thursday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

SO... fellas... how was everyones Sunday? Anyone got anything to say? Ah yes, love is in the air! I was talking to "super special happy power friend" last night, telling her how strange it was for any of us let alone all of us to be seeing someone, especially at the same time. Must be that Mars opposition thing.

So I'll be out in the OC late Thurs aft/eve. I know it's "gym" night (gimme a pass), but either way I'll be around for a bit.

Kirk is still a douche! By the way, gotta love the "douche" reference! I was trying to think of the proper insult warranted for his actions on Saturday and found it amazingly appropriate!
so you can translate the binary

Monday, August 25, 2003

On a related note here's a link to some climbers who were actually on the wall
google search tahquitz tr
I don't think Ute liked me much. Then again she is German so it can be hard to tell! So Jen and Lihn went up to Tahquitz on Sunday... got to the base of the rock (lunch rock) and all hell broke loose! Hail, pelting rain, wind, waterfalls cascading down the rock... they holed up under a boulder then bailed. Sucks to be all those parties on the wall at the time! I think that definitely continues Jens "epic" climbing streak!
Jen: "Hey guys wanna climb?"
Us: "NOOOO, we don't wanna DIE!!!" hahahaha!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Thursday, August 21, 2003
ok more big posts like kinda takes away from the blog....put a link.....ok.
hey do you guys remember this?
jibba-jabba and LD
RE: Last Post by Art



This is a repost of a disclaimer that appeared on rec.climbing. From memory the attribution should go to Brutus of Wyde. This disclaimer was in reference to using a topo but the sentiments contained herein are every bit as applicable to any material posted to this site.



EDITED: b/c just too damn long!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Miss "X" is coming over Sunday and we're heading to the beach.
That means I have to clean my fricking room.........stacks of gear, webbing and ropes, a pile of smelly climbing shoes (9 pairs), guide books and climbing magazines strewn across the floor, one really dusty surfboard, 2 bookshelves overflowing with books (500+), one pile of climbing clothes, one pile of snowboarding clothes(+boots), DVD's & CD's everywhere, 2 snowboards, a cardboard box I throw knives at, fishing gear, a pile of electronics I'm "fixing" and that's just the shite I can think of off the top of my head.

Where do we keep the vacuum anyway!? Where the heck did I put that deck of "dirty" playing cards I was gonna give Kirk for his B-day?
I am DOOMED. Doomed I tell you.......
Funny thing I read:

Engineers draw pictures of things that can't be built or won't work if you build them that way.

Architects do the same thing, but when they get done it has to be ugly also.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

friends of joshua tree
another link for Jorge to add

Monday, August 18, 2003

Like I said after Yose....Weak Asses!!!
Anyone else have the "complete" mexico experience this weekend? Just wondering. Maybe I've lost my tolerance for spicy food, or maybe the Carne Asada had an extra dose of As-s. The windsurfing was good, I am burned like a mofo. You know they have that special lens they can photograph your skin through that reveals all the "hidden" damage. I'm terrified of that thing. My face is gonna be one big blotch from all the years at the resort.

I'm AIMing with Jenn B right now. Getting the scoop on "JF." Kinda funny, all of us having interests at the same time. And using initials to identify them. And speaking of initials, ART... Art, you bitch, it's "LP" isn't it, ISN'T IT? You Slut, Manwhore, It's "LP?!" OK, I dunno, but if it is, I don't know her. Anyway, yeah get your chuckles 'cause I will keep digging until I figure out who it is! Why you ask, why do I care so much? I have no friggin idea. Hey, as long as your happy I'm behind ya'!

Uh, I gotz nothing else to post...
So I got a pm from Meg...she left cuz she felt embarrased and wanted to be alone.

just call me stumpy

Friday, August 15, 2003

evolv climbing shoes
Jorge please add links
scooby-doo speak....yabbo = yeah boy, affermative, yes
so the riverside park and ride is a no go today.....Dave is *cough, cough* busy today *cough, cough*. so when's everyone heading up?

Thursday, August 14, 2003

These guys know how to do Vegas in STYLE
Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas
For Jenn.
The Scoop on Poop
No, don't use forest creatures. (for toilet paper)
You're right they're soft and probably absorbant but they might bite!

baaahhahhahahaahahahhahaha!!! that's funny
I'm gonna bite Jenns ass!
here you go Jenn
Yes, any poo related links will always be for you.
Flash Arcade: How to Crap in the Woods
So it appears that there are more people showing up to big bear than anticipated Dave...meg and beth are gonna show up too.
and UTE.....

[edited to add ute]

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

There are women in this world that like Art and I... Poor women.
So, Art.....dave discussed his about you?
OK all, I have reserved a site for the 31st (night) till the 3rd (day) then we just have to find a few tent sites or whatever for the week end if we so choose to stay.
Since Kirk may not have figured out how to read the comments (and they keep disapearing) I'm moving the ones concerning J-tree dates here

that reminds me
I've reserved an IndianCove site for 11/28-11/30 for Turkey day weekend
Oh yeah
I also reserved 12/26-12/28 for after X-mas IndianCove group site 4
New Years in JTree sounds cool, and I am game for jibbing....skiing too.

Anyone have plans for the holiday weekend at end of month?
OK, so hows this: get New Years eve thru Friday night? remember last year, there were absolutly no crowds....tell me soon so I can get the reservation.
What up yo'!? First off, I am not reading anything entitled "Struggling to Get By, Some End Job Search" and preceeded by "Poor Dave!" You must be fucking out of your mind!

I'm down with ski trips! I still want to do a cheapo midweek when no one is there (mammoth). I don't know how psyched I'll be about the local stuff this year. I have issue with $40 to ski alongside every jibber from the valley (no offense to my jibbing friends). I am totally becoming crowdaphobic!

I marked the J-tree dates on my calendar... I say pull at least part of the weekend for New Years. Or just skip the actual New Years eve and just do the weekend. Whateva'!

This is your brain
This is your brain on TRAD
Moosedog Tower Direct South Face
Any questions?
OK all, Dave and I were talking about reserving a site in Indian Cove for New Years. What dates should we get it from?

A) 12/31-1/4
B) 12/31-1/2
C) 12/31-1/3
D) 12/31-1/1
E) Fill In the Blank
I know it's still summer but let's all start thinking ahead to planning a Snowboarding/Skiing trip for BigBear and Mammoth.......
Yeah, you're right about Jenn's site
Yo Fuego, Vern wanted me to talk you into goin to Needles during Labor day........said he'd invited you.
C'mon's Vern'll be like climbing with Jefe Loco............only scarier.
I think the server is down, cuz jenns comments isn't there either
what the hell happened to the "comments"
those were fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

here's one just for you Jenn
plop plop fizz fizz oooh what a relief it is.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Yah yah, ist vas und gut veekend! So I go over to Kirks new place... they're sitting around playing cards like a buncha housewives! I think the pastel green carpet and floral/ivy motif on the walls are getting to him. The place is looking good though.

Had a good time at Big Bear. We F-ed with the SCMA. I don't know why I don't like them, but I know I don't. Well, actually I know why I don't like them but it really isn't important. John's ODC group was BIG. We had just finished on Gold Wall when they came up, and we pretty much bailed immediately. Just too many damned people, like being at the gym! We had a new guy out, new to us I mean. Nice guy, but damn was he slow to get on route. Like slower than Krista, and that's like "time going backwards" slow! Jenn gave some great leads too. We'll just ignore the little route finding blunder on the 5.6 that morning. Oh, and the "feet dangling in midair, kicking about" thing.

So yeah, I guess that was James Pruett that was being prickish on Saturday? By his tone, he thinks he's "special" or something. I've got no time for "pride" climbers and grade chasers anymore. Especially ones that climb in huge groups of mostly beginners. That says it all right there. That's like me talking shit at the top of the bunny slope chairlift.

OK, that's all I have to rant about for now. I laughed like a 'tard at Adams pic in the comment section. That's a seriously defective pic!

and I said OH YEAH!!
What an ass!
I'm better than you Dave....cuz I'm a JACKHOLE! - Teacher Ratings and Teacher Reviews

Ok so I just found this site....pretty cool. I checked out my teachers and found out one of them sucks...too bad I didn't know this earlier.
Oh and I think the dumbass was pruett.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Had a good time in Big Bear. we tried out a bunch of new climbs that were fun. Jen got to lead again, good job btw. Course she does have to work on her "TR head" For some reason she has troubles with committing on TR, but once on lead she's fine. funny (not haha, but queer). We were missed acouple of people on this trip. You know who you are!!! hopefully we ALL can go out and climb soon.

Pinky: So Brain, what are we doing this weekend?
Brain: The same thing we do every weekend.......

Saturday, August 09, 2003

HI my name is kirk and im an ass.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Pic of the Day!
Jack Marshall on SST

edited by Jorgle: for size
Ok all, I was just checking the nedstat. Here's what I found: someone found this site by searching for "muscle soreness, worms, wine" all on one search. Kinda scary, who would look up those 3 topics under the same search? "hmmm, my muscles are sore...I wonder if that's from the wine I drank or from the infestation of worms that are localized around that oozing pustule?"

I'm tired I'm tired

Thursday, August 07, 2003

What does "Cowboy Up" mean? "Cowboy Up" is
When you are injured or down and the prospect of doing whatever it is you're about to try is so bleak that the best you can hope for is to live through it.
Well it's reaching deep inside when your wife has turned you out.
It's gettin' bucked off every bull that you've seen.
Going hungry, and telling yourself "I'm not starvin', just lean.
It's watching your friends go to the county fair;
And staying behind, cuz the fence is in need of repair.
It's knowing what's wrong, and doing what's right;
Though it means you're going home alone tonite
It's what makes a cowboy tell it straight;
It's being in pain, and calling your gate.
It's having nothing, yet having it all;
It's brushing off the dust and knowing how to fall
Honestly I reckon all of us Climbers "Cowboy Up" everytime we tie into the Sharp End of the rope.
You got it Frat Boy (dave)!
Kiss my ass
Hey Art,... cowboy up buddy!
-Passing out will result in you being fucked with. (I'm not mandating that, but we'll all be drunk so you know what's coming!)
This is known as "Bopping" and normally has it's own set of rules
1) No paybacks.
2) No damage to valuable body parts.
3) Damage is temporary.
4) Damage can include shaving of all or any hair.
5) If you "pass out" with your shoes on you're fair game.
6) No "Bopping" people who are merely "sleeping.
7) Passing out is defined by being unconscious without removing your shoes.....if you take your shoes off you "meant" to go to sleep.
8) You must keep your shoes on until you are ready for bed.
OK, so what's up with the world today.....Art has 2 dates this week, Dave has a little sump'n sump'n going on and Kirk has a mystery woman too!!! WTF?
some links for Jorge to add
climbing jtree

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

addendum to rules: The penalty shot must be of something you don't like. Dave ( Tequila!!! )
Well now you know why I'm always being a little bitch about all the food and stuff being in the locked bearbox! Tourons!
Dude, I am rollin' from laughing at these posts. OK, ground rules from the 100 Club challenge:
-Peeing is allowed
-Puking will result in an "unofficial" finish but you must finish.
-Passing out will result in you being fucked with. (I'm not mandating that, but we'll all be drunk so you know what's coming!)
-Snacking is allowed but it must be fried.
-Spilling beer will result in an additional "penalty" round for you.
-Spilling alot of beer (i.e. knocking shots off the table) will result in a penalty shot of liquor for you
-Any and all other transgressions will be handled with a majority vote by "challenge" participants and mediated by a third "impartial" party. Punishments will not exceed the severity of the infraction.
Medical-Spanish phrase I learned today: Mi amigo tiene una espinilla grande en sus nalgas (ha ha ha)

Translation: My friend has a big pimple on their butt cheeks.
If you ever had any problems with telemarketers or had way too much junkmail at home go to this website and stop it forever!!!!! , it works, I haven't recieved junkmail in a really long time.
Where's Dave I wanna eat his fat ass......GRROWWWLLL
This is the actual bear that tried to eat Skip
Bear number 28 (according to his ear tag)
Yup that's MY tent in the background

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

We gotta have something to prevent people from sandbagging.
I mean what's to stop Jorge (Mr "I'm prepared to lose") from purposefully having one drink to our 2 or 3 just to watch Dave fall over in his chair? And besides Jorge doesn't get drunk anyway, no matter how much he drinks.
No puking, if you puke you're out.
We get to select our beer of choice.......I'm not drinking 100 shots of something I hate.
We get to have a pee break....I ain't willing to drink for over an hour and a half without pissing. And while it might be funny, I don't want to listen to Dave pee his pants.....or smell it.
The beer must be cold......I'm not drinking warm beer.
"PENALTY FOR FAILURE" ?!!! your penalty is gonna be passing out and having a wicked hang over...

There should be no other I'm prepared to lose.....I just wanna have fun losing. do we get snacks while the shots are happening? Can we drink more than 1 shot per min? I'm assuming it's gonna happen on a i'm guessing that we are going to do it over at daves so that we can have the luxury of passing out on the grass sans landmines. Plus we have to have a really good (funny) movie playing that doesn't take much thinking. cuz who wants to think while drinking!!
I accept the challenge.
I agree with Jorge, we need to define the rules. What is the penalty for failure (other than being held up for public ridicule)

Monday, August 04, 2003

I will take that challenge....but there must be some rules.....besides 100 shots in 100 mins.
Yeah, looks like we all had good weekends... addendum to Jorge's report:

Jenn "pooped" in the woods and slept in a tent. I think that counts as the second sign of the apocalypse! Also, "Neph" Tim came out which was cool. He needs to play more. Kirks British woman friend liked my ass, Yea for my ass! Also, the prevalence of alcohol was severely understated. Consumed were 2 1/2 cases of beer, 2 bottles of wine (by me), and whatever bottles of liquor Christine had in her "baggy of doom." Oh, plus the bottle of tequila that Kirk was issuing us drinks from. Jorge will deny the fact that he was buzzed and was yelling at us from inside his tent. Kirk barely remembers the fact that he said "rockDIMING dot CLOM" or that he put on his pants inside out! I ran into a tree and almost poked my eye out and I fell out of my chair.

We have officially taken car camping to the next level: watching DVD's on the tailgate at night. Blair Witch was an awesome choice and Christine waking up in the night to Jenn rustling the tent, thinking it was us, and yelling "Dude, quit fucking with us!" Priceless! I pee'd on the Blair Witch, she won't be back!

The 100 Club challenge has been issued... 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes.

I'm gonna eat Skip booyeah
These fuckers are scary at night
It's trippy when they growl/chuff and raise a paw at you as they charge
It's even trippier watching one charge your friend, Skips gonna die! Skips gonna die! ran thru my head.
Woke late Thursday morning around 8ish and headed out of OC after a big breakfast at the local diner.
Traffic was light all the way to the 41, one highlight was finding out that KROQ broadcasts out of Fresno on 104.1 (yay).
1pm arrive in Oakhurst. Waste time walking in and out of several small gift shops.
Arrive at the park entrance.......surprise!...... it's drizzling.
Drizzle has turned into a full on deluge by the time I pass Yosemite West.
3pm arrive at camp and throw down my tent, stash wood and food in bear box.
Move my car to Curry and Hike over to Yosemite falls. Stop in Village and buy rain poncho.
Eat dinner at Yosemite Lodge (mahi mahi) and have a beer in the Mtn room.
Go back to camp and meet Ed (nice guy) we talk about the ODC and Ed mentions how he's never even seen a bear in 10+ years hiking in Yosemite.
Skip, Carl, Mark and Carole arrive.
We all sleep.
Friday we wake eat breakfast and decide to Hike Upper Yosemite falls, NO climbing as the rock is visibly wet everywhere........we have the typical ODC alpine start (1pm) and get blasted by rain again near the top.
Over 60 switchbacks and that's just to Columbia rock and only halfway.
1st sign of the apocalypse (I go hiking and enjoy it).
Back to camp........Skip cooks.
I maintain my perfect record and run into someone I know.
Shrimp scampi
Pasta (noodles and tortellini)
Dave's famous chili cheese dip (I cooked!)
fresh Veggies.
We are warned by the Yostapo about leaving food out (Skip is cooking and has food on the table?!?!)
A bear runs behind our campsite.
We all sleep.
We wake to rain.
Ed has already left to hike Half Dome so after breakfast we drive to Glacier point to escape the rain and enjoy the view. Great view of the valley and nice photo op.
We hike to @%#^ Dome (I can't remember the name) next to Taft point and are enshrouded by fog.
Eat lunch and enjoy the 10 feet we can see in front of our noses.
Drive to Maricopa grove and check out the BIG trees.
Back to camp.
Skip cooks.
2 kinds of chicken (bbq and Tequila/lime/chingadera marinade)
Potato salad
Jalapeno cream cheese walnut poppers.
We sleep
While sitting up late Carl and Skip have a bear sneak up and perch on Skips big portable bear box.
3am see below
Sunday finally on our last day a clear day with Sun and no rain clouds at all.
Drive home.
friday, get to BIG Bear .....climb at night, do 5.8 on tombstone. all go up none fall down....Jen spazzed a bit. Christine go up...first time on rock...Great Job!! Kirk show up...drink beer got more drunk...all had alkehol....go to sleep. Satrday we all climbed...

Ok, nuph of that chit...

So saturday Dave, Jenn, Christine, and I get up and get ready for the day, while Kirk, Lance and Heather woke up from there drinking binge. We went to motherload rock and had a good time setting up the easier routes and getting prepared for the slackers to come over. Once the group got there we played around for a few hrs and everyone climbed what they wanted to climb.

****Special Note: Jenn Lead her first climb out doors. Congrats!
****Special thanks to: Christine for bringing us that pita sandwich for lunch. Very tasty.

Later on Jenn got on another climb (5.6) and took her first lead fall.

That evening we went back to the site and got our drink on again....we watched some movies and had a few drinks. Fun was had by all.

On sunday we climbed some more. Lance lead a 5.5 (1st weekend climbing outdoors ever). Jenn lead superchicken CLEAN!!! Went back home that afternoon.

Props to the girls in the group. Jenn for leading and Christine for doing so well her first time on rock and getting up everything you tried ranging from 5.5 to 10b.

ha, great trip report.
Bear, BIG Bear food in box next to tent (thx carl? ed? skip?)
shout HEY!........bear charge, step back........bear stop, bear eat food (bye bye bagels)
wake Skip, Skip take photos of bear in box.........Skip shout HEY! and bang hard on plastic tray,
plastic tray piss off bear........bear charge, Skip jump back (and take great photo of tree tops)
bang pots and pans.........bear leave