Monday, August 18, 2003

Anyone else have the "complete" mexico experience this weekend? Just wondering. Maybe I've lost my tolerance for spicy food, or maybe the Carne Asada had an extra dose of As-s. The windsurfing was good, I am burned like a mofo. You know they have that special lens they can photograph your skin through that reveals all the "hidden" damage. I'm terrified of that thing. My face is gonna be one big blotch from all the years at the resort.

I'm AIMing with Jenn B right now. Getting the scoop on "JF." Kinda funny, all of us having interests at the same time. And using initials to identify them. And speaking of initials, ART... Art, you bitch, it's "LP" isn't it, ISN'T IT? You Slut, Manwhore, It's "LP?!" OK, I dunno, but if it is, I don't know her. Anyway, yeah get your chuckles 'cause I will keep digging until I figure out who it is! Why you ask, why do I care so much? I have no friggin idea. Hey, as long as your happy I'm behind ya'!

Uh, I gotz nothing else to post...


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