Thursday, August 07, 2003

What does "Cowboy Up" mean? "Cowboy Up" is
When you are injured or down and the prospect of doing whatever it is you're about to try is so bleak that the best you can hope for is to live through it.
Well it's reaching deep inside when your wife has turned you out.
It's gettin' bucked off every bull that you've seen.
Going hungry, and telling yourself "I'm not starvin', just lean.
It's watching your friends go to the county fair;
And staying behind, cuz the fence is in need of repair.
It's knowing what's wrong, and doing what's right;
Though it means you're going home alone tonite
It's what makes a cowboy tell it straight;
It's being in pain, and calling your gate.
It's having nothing, yet having it all;
It's brushing off the dust and knowing how to fall
Honestly I reckon all of us Climbers "Cowboy Up" everytime we tie into the Sharp End of the rope.


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