Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Dude, I am rollin' from laughing at these posts. OK, ground rules from the 100 Club challenge:
-Peeing is allowed
-Puking will result in an "unofficial" finish but you must finish.
-Passing out will result in you being fucked with. (I'm not mandating that, but we'll all be drunk so you know what's coming!)
-Snacking is allowed but it must be fried.
-Spilling beer will result in an additional "penalty" round for you.
-Spilling alot of beer (i.e. knocking shots off the table) will result in a penalty shot of liquor for you
-Any and all other transgressions will be handled with a majority vote by "challenge" participants and mediated by a third "impartial" party. Punishments will not exceed the severity of the infraction.


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