Monday, August 04, 2003

friday, get to BIG Bear .....climb at night, do 5.8 on tombstone. all go up none fall down....Jen spazzed a bit. Christine go up...first time on rock...Great Job!! Kirk show up...drink beer got more drunk...all had alkehol....go to sleep. Satrday we all climbed...

Ok, nuph of that chit...

So saturday Dave, Jenn, Christine, and I get up and get ready for the day, while Kirk, Lance and Heather woke up from there drinking binge. We went to motherload rock and had a good time setting up the easier routes and getting prepared for the slackers to come over. Once the group got there we played around for a few hrs and everyone climbed what they wanted to climb.

****Special Note: Jenn Lead her first climb out doors. Congrats!
****Special thanks to: Christine for bringing us that pita sandwich for lunch. Very tasty.

Later on Jenn got on another climb (5.6) and took her first lead fall.

That evening we went back to the site and got our drink on again....we watched some movies and had a few drinks. Fun was had by all.

On sunday we climbed some more. Lance lead a 5.5 (1st weekend climbing outdoors ever). Jenn lead superchicken CLEAN!!! Went back home that afternoon.

Props to the girls in the group. Jenn for leading and Christine for doing so well her first time on rock and getting up everything you tried ranging from 5.5 to 10b.


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