Tuesday, August 31, 2004

This is a fun little web site.

Imagination at Work!

Monday, August 30, 2004



:: Friday, August 29, 2003 ::

1) Know your Limits.
2) Shit or get off the Pot.
3) Everything works itself out in the end.
4) Never date your climbing partner.
5) Never leave a Man/gear behind
6) Booty gear is shared or claimed by turn between partners regardless of who cleans it or who spots it.
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Since this came up at Goathill.
:: Friday, August 29, 2003 ::
1) Know your Limits.
2) Shit or get off the Pot.
3) Everything works itself out in the end.
4) Never date your climbing partner.
5) Never leave a Man/gear behind
6) Booty gear is shared or claimed by turn between partners regardless of who cleans it or who spots it

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

so I was in Crossroads chatting with the owner when a college student sitting nearby butts into the conversation with "I have a suggestion if you want to increase your business...".
I blurted out "Oh god no! Don't do that!".
everybody burst out laughing and we had to explain exactly how popular Crossroads gets in the winter months.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Well what can I say... Awsome,awsome,awsome.

We headed up around 4 pm after I found out I did'nt have to work and got to the gate at midnight after stoping a few times. The sighn said there were no spaces avaibale for camping so we stayed in a hotel that night. WE DECIDED TO TRY AND GET A SIGHT AT CAMP 4 first thing but no love so at 6:30 we got to the parking lot and saw 2 other teams racking up. We waited for a bit and I got the first lead. after the first part I got off route, I'ts easy there. but found where we needed to go and finished it off. Then we scrambeled up a couple of pitches and passed a group of three. Well the guy leading was yelling and makeing it a bad time for us and the people he was with. Well, we were trying to decide to rap off or walk off. We started to run out of water so we raped offand found a water streek running just off the rap route, that saved us big time. All in all it was great despite the fact of getting off route, a loud mouth behind us, and almost dehydrating.

Monday, August 16, 2004

this is what we did,i will say more once i get the pics from zac
Thunder, Lightning, Rain and Hail!
Went to Tahquitz Saturday...we got a bit of a late start and left the parking lot around 10 (meg was running late). We ran into a friend JK and his partner L so we followed them up the trail as we were going to do a route on the north face and they were doing a route on the north bulge. After splitting up with JK and L Meg and I wandered up the trail stopping often to consult the guide book to orient ourselves as to when we leave the trail to get to our route we arrived at the talus and felt rain droplets. We took cover under the overhang of a boulder just in time to hide from the hail. After a couple of thunderclaps and lightning strikes we decided to hightail it back to the cars. Upon reaching the parking lot the rain and hail let up and we debated going back up but decided to bag it. As we packed up our stuff the rain and hail began again with 3 times the force of earlier. We decided to wait for JK and L to make sure they got down safely and played UNO in the car til they showed up.
There was a small river of water running down the road all the way into town.
We had beer and pizza and played UNO until 4pm when the rain finally let up.

So how was royal arches JS and Z?
howsabout a trip report?

Friday, August 13, 2004

Okay so I was wrong Bui is coming next weekend not this weekend.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

This link is just for Jorge.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Bui is cruising into town this weekend for one of his many nieces b-day.
Update: Tim will be in town tonight (weds) and flying out sunday around 6pm.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Rock Climbing.com View topic - Rhabdomyolysis: Drink your water!

I'm gonna post the 1st section just so you guys read it.



It's official….I'm a doofus.
I’m usually the one wagging my finger at folks, admonishing them to drink enough fluids, and this past weekend, I experienced one of the reasons why.
Crackaddict and I decided to run up to Granite Mountain and knock off one of the uber classics, Magnolia Thunderpu$$y, expecting to get a second route in before hiking out prior to sunset. After a two mile hike in we set up at the base and sorted our gear to climb. Thinking I would only be on the route for an hour or so, I tanked up with a liter of water and left the rest in the pack. OOPS. A combination of cold weather (24 degrees at the parking lot), cold rubber and cold hands, not to mention an out of shape, forty six year old Traddad , conspired to keep us on the route all day. By the time I wiggled through the crux of the “birth simulator” pitch and pulled out on top, I was cramping up and starting to really lose energy. We quickly rapped down, collected our gear and started the hike out just as the sun was setting. I started sucking on my brand new hydration bladder only to find that the bite valve would only emit a trickle. Being that we were hiking down a rough trail at night…with a full lunar eclipse, I concentrated on not breaking a leg rather than addressing my dehydration.
When I got home, my urine was the color of coca cola. Really. The next morning I hurt all over and by the end of the day, I was bloated and not making urine. Classic rhabdomyolysis followed by myoglobinuria, almost shutting my kidneys down.
Rhabdo can be triggered by hard exercise while dehydrated. That was me all over.
Luckily the Doc thinks I didn’t do any permanent damage, but she told me in no uncertain terms NEVER to do it again. Her last patient with Rhabdo (also exercise induced) spent six days in the hospital.
Kids, drink your fluids.
Redrocks was freaking hot on Saturday but temperatures were actually quite pleasant in the shade. I spent a couple of hours teaching Kelly self rescue techniques.
Sunday we hiked all the way to Triassic Sands and just as we arrived at the base of the route a rainstorm moved in and deluged us for the next couple of hours.
It was pretty cool, we took cover under some monster roofs and just kind of enjoyed the experience. There were waterfalls all around us and sheets of rain changing directions with the wind back and forth. Bob kept telling the 3 of us "it usually blows over in like 20 minutes".