Monday, August 16, 2004

Thunder, Lightning, Rain and Hail!
Went to Tahquitz Saturday...we got a bit of a late start and left the parking lot around 10 (meg was running late). We ran into a friend JK and his partner L so we followed them up the trail as we were going to do a route on the north face and they were doing a route on the north bulge. After splitting up with JK and L Meg and I wandered up the trail stopping often to consult the guide book to orient ourselves as to when we leave the trail to get to our route we arrived at the talus and felt rain droplets. We took cover under the overhang of a boulder just in time to hide from the hail. After a couple of thunderclaps and lightning strikes we decided to hightail it back to the cars. Upon reaching the parking lot the rain and hail let up and we debated going back up but decided to bag it. As we packed up our stuff the rain and hail began again with 3 times the force of earlier. We decided to wait for JK and L to make sure they got down safely and played UNO in the car til they showed up.
There was a small river of water running down the road all the way into town.
We had beer and pizza and played UNO until 4pm when the rain finally let up.

So how was royal arches JS and Z?
howsabout a trip report?


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