Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Rock Climbing.com View topic - Rhabdomyolysis: Drink your water!

I'm gonna post the 1st section just so you guys read it.



It's official….I'm a doofus.
I’m usually the one wagging my finger at folks, admonishing them to drink enough fluids, and this past weekend, I experienced one of the reasons why.
Crackaddict and I decided to run up to Granite Mountain and knock off one of the uber classics, Magnolia Thunderpu$$y, expecting to get a second route in before hiking out prior to sunset. After a two mile hike in we set up at the base and sorted our gear to climb. Thinking I would only be on the route for an hour or so, I tanked up with a liter of water and left the rest in the pack. OOPS. A combination of cold weather (24 degrees at the parking lot), cold rubber and cold hands, not to mention an out of shape, forty six year old Traddad , conspired to keep us on the route all day. By the time I wiggled through the crux of the “birth simulator” pitch and pulled out on top, I was cramping up and starting to really lose energy. We quickly rapped down, collected our gear and started the hike out just as the sun was setting. I started sucking on my brand new hydration bladder only to find that the bite valve would only emit a trickle. Being that we were hiking down a rough trail at night…with a full lunar eclipse, I concentrated on not breaking a leg rather than addressing my dehydration.
When I got home, my urine was the color of coca cola. Really. The next morning I hurt all over and by the end of the day, I was bloated and not making urine. Classic rhabdomyolysis followed by myoglobinuria, almost shutting my kidneys down.
Rhabdo can be triggered by hard exercise while dehydrated. That was me all over.
Luckily the Doc thinks I didn’t do any permanent damage, but she told me in no uncertain terms NEVER to do it again. Her last patient with Rhabdo (also exercise induced) spent six days in the hospital.
Kids, drink your fluids.


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