Monday, July 26, 2004

So Jorge and I went up to Tahquitz on Saturday Night and hiked in at 11pm. We got to the top around midnight and set camp. As we tried to sleep we were attacked by bugs all night and it took us 2 hours to get to sleep after we figured out we needed to wrap our extra shirts around our ears and necks to keep from being bitted. Well we got up the next morning a bit tired but headed to coffin Nail regardless. The plan was do Coffin Nail and jump to Traitor Horn... we'll just see about that. Well I led the first pitch... well most of it. I got through the first section a little shakey after not climbing for 3 months and moved into the hard parts. Right before I hit the lieback I realized I used alot of gear and was running thin and let Jorge know. Well I moved on stuck in a #1 cammalot on the lieback and got to the roof. The only peice I could get in was the green allien. So I steped up and moved on, Both feet were up and over, I stood up and started to move my right hand and my left foot sliped. I fell backward and started to spin and flip at the same time. I hit and bounced just under the roof and landed 18 to 20 feet under the roof, facing the ground with my gear sling about to slide off. Well needless to say I built an anchor and belayed Jorge up to finish for me. We never got on Traitor Horn and finished on Jensen's Jont.

Jorge later said something about the impact he felt was not big, and I replied "that's beacuse me bouncing took the impact" or something like that


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