Thursday, July 29, 2004

Copied from the Morning Report

"Amit Singh, 27,  and Anthony Baraff, 28, both from New York City, were climbing the Northwest Books route on Lembert Dome around 5:30 p.m. on July 15th when Singh, who was leading the third pitch, fell about 20 feet, struck his head and was knocked unconscious. Baraff lowered Singh to the belay ledge, where he regained consciousness. Baraff yelled for help and some nearby climbers reported the accident. Tuolumne SAR team members climbed the route and treated Singh. Baraff was lowered off the cliff. It was after dark when Singh was placed in a litter and lowered 325 feet, with team member Janet Harrington, a registered nurse, attending. Portable spotlights were used to illuminate the wall during the lowering. When they were off the cliff, Singh was carried to the road, then transported by ambulance to the Mammoth Lakes Hospital. He was treated for a concussion, a fractured forearm, and a strained neck. [Submitted by George Paiva, Tuolumne SAR Coordinator]"

That's the one that Art, Kirk, Jenn B, Jorge, and I did at sunset while in Yose last Independence day. Sounds like the dude over confident and was running out that last (feels like class 4) section.


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