Sunday, August 22, 2004

Well what can I say... Awsome,awsome,awsome.

We headed up around 4 pm after I found out I did'nt have to work and got to the gate at midnight after stoping a few times. The sighn said there were no spaces avaibale for camping so we stayed in a hotel that night. WE DECIDED TO TRY AND GET A SIGHT AT CAMP 4 first thing but no love so at 6:30 we got to the parking lot and saw 2 other teams racking up. We waited for a bit and I got the first lead. after the first part I got off route, I'ts easy there. but found where we needed to go and finished it off. Then we scrambeled up a couple of pitches and passed a group of three. Well the guy leading was yelling and makeing it a bad time for us and the people he was with. Well, we were trying to decide to rap off or walk off. We started to run out of water so we raped offand found a water streek running just off the rap route, that saved us big time. All in all it was great despite the fact of getting off route, a loud mouth behind us, and almost dehydrating.


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