Monday, August 04, 2003

Woke late Thursday morning around 8ish and headed out of OC after a big breakfast at the local diner.
Traffic was light all the way to the 41, one highlight was finding out that KROQ broadcasts out of Fresno on 104.1 (yay).
1pm arrive in Oakhurst. Waste time walking in and out of several small gift shops.
Arrive at the park entrance.......surprise!...... it's drizzling.
Drizzle has turned into a full on deluge by the time I pass Yosemite West.
3pm arrive at camp and throw down my tent, stash wood and food in bear box.
Move my car to Curry and Hike over to Yosemite falls. Stop in Village and buy rain poncho.
Eat dinner at Yosemite Lodge (mahi mahi) and have a beer in the Mtn room.
Go back to camp and meet Ed (nice guy) we talk about the ODC and Ed mentions how he's never even seen a bear in 10+ years hiking in Yosemite.
Skip, Carl, Mark and Carole arrive.
We all sleep.
Friday we wake eat breakfast and decide to Hike Upper Yosemite falls, NO climbing as the rock is visibly wet everywhere........we have the typical ODC alpine start (1pm) and get blasted by rain again near the top.
Over 60 switchbacks and that's just to Columbia rock and only halfway.
1st sign of the apocalypse (I go hiking and enjoy it).
Back to camp........Skip cooks.
I maintain my perfect record and run into someone I know.
Shrimp scampi
Pasta (noodles and tortellini)
Dave's famous chili cheese dip (I cooked!)
fresh Veggies.
We are warned by the Yostapo about leaving food out (Skip is cooking and has food on the table?!?!)
A bear runs behind our campsite.
We all sleep.
We wake to rain.
Ed has already left to hike Half Dome so after breakfast we drive to Glacier point to escape the rain and enjoy the view. Great view of the valley and nice photo op.
We hike to @%#^ Dome (I can't remember the name) next to Taft point and are enshrouded by fog.
Eat lunch and enjoy the 10 feet we can see in front of our noses.
Drive to Maricopa grove and check out the BIG trees.
Back to camp.
Skip cooks.
2 kinds of chicken (bbq and Tequila/lime/chingadera marinade)
Potato salad
Jalapeno cream cheese walnut poppers.
We sleep
While sitting up late Carl and Skip have a bear sneak up and perch on Skips big portable bear box.
3am see below
Sunday finally on our last day a clear day with Sun and no rain clouds at all.
Drive home.


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