Monday, September 22, 2003

So for those of you out of town or just too lazy/lame to make it to Tahquitz.
The Vampire (11a) is possibly the finest route I have been on to date....and pretty damned spicy too! I followed Vern on this one and the easiest moves are at least 10+....the hardest are 11a.
I Lead Human Fright (10a) onsite. We only did the first 2 pitches as after that you have easy face climbing to Lunch Ledge and top off (been there done that)......we chose to rap off and speed things up. Vern did the Glossary 11b (1 pitch) which I declined to follow and then he finished the day doing Bedrock 11a/b, the only reason he did Bedrock was to get 2 bail biners and he finished the pitch just as daylight ended. A couple next to us had been asking us for help in finding Fingertrip and then as they rapped off of the first pitch their rope had gotten stuck in a tree which I subsequently freed for them. Well Vern needed a second rope to rap off of the 160 ft+ pitch he had just climbed so the couple next door was kind enough to lend us their rope for him to use.
We hiked down in darkness via headlamp and arrived back at the car to find a foil wrapped Turkey Sandwich (CA's calling card) waiting for us at the car (thanx JS CA and JB) YUM.
Well since I wasn't invited to go climbing at Big Bear I ended up going to the Back Bay and Kayaking with LP (shut the fuck up, we're still Friends) for the day.........I would rather have gone climbing but I guess Dave don't luv US no more. Then again given who Big Dave was climbing with I'm surprised it didn't rain.


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