Monday, September 22, 2003

So I got my shoes back on Friday night... they look like new, but he re-randed them again? I didn't think they needed it done but whateva'! The thick sole is really thick... like uber-edging machines now. Now I just need to get my other shoes done and I'll be set for another season! Can't wait to cram them into a crack! Jen H, C, and I went up to Holcomb yesterday. No one was there, almost creepy. We did a circuit of 10's and I am sore today, but a good sore. In the back and hands. My technique and balance on face is really messy. I can get up them but I'm pulling way too much with my hands. Mass x Distance = Dave Falling! Also just a heads up... Maggio's, located by the Sav-on off of Big Bear Blvd has some of the tastiest and cheapest italian food we've found. Cheap beer and wine too.

Jenn, I got the stickers! I'll be trimming and affixing them to my helmet this week!


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