Thursday, September 18, 2003

That's a nice little list o' climbs... guess Davey's gonna learn to fly this winter! I don't know what the hell I am doing this weekend. I vaguely recall saying "Tahquitz this weekend" not to say that I am trying to shirk it... I just haven't had it in my mindset. It'll depend on two things, getting my shoes back since the others are down to the leather again (DOH!!!), and what C feels up to. She is having a bad week (Well two weeks actually). She'll probably want to climb so It'll come down to my shoes.

So the Staff Training was really great. My Staff is now capable of enormous performance. Actually, they did great, much better than last years bunch. Monday evening after a little car trouble with one of the students, we arrived at Serrano only to remember that campfires were banned. Kabobs quickly turned to Stir-Fry. We sat around that night telling dirty jokes, a great sign of group compatibility. Tuesday we went over the forty-something page long manual then headed up to Holcomb and TR'd the 5.5, 5.7, and 5.10b on the end of Motherload. Taught them to belay and got them climbing, all for the very first time. They had a blast and wanted to climb more to that's a good sign too. We did the hiking approach from the south since we had the Van, it's total cake. Not 15 minutes if you hike fast. It spits you out at Coyote. No real trail that I could find, just dead reckoning, and you can see the main pinnacle from the parking area if you know what you are looking for. Wednesday we sacked camp and headed to the lake. There was a pretty good wind going so we paddled against it at first up to the solar observatory, about a mile and a bit. They flipped and splashed each other the entire way. Last thing we did was orienteering, which is apparently my "specialty." It's boring shit, important, but boring. We got back to campus around 6:30pm. They promptly jumped out of the Van and put everything away properly of their own accord. I reiterate that they are a great group.

I'll either email of call about climbing if I can make it. If you want to do Magic Mountain on Sunday give me a call. Otherwise screw you in the eye hole and I'll see you soon!


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