Thursday, September 18, 2003

the SCMA crack climbing work shop for Zac, Kirk and Dave
(yes I could link it but I went to the trouble of looking up all the crags for you)
5.7 Bighorn Hand Crack p. 60 smith rock (wonderland north)
5.7 Smooth as Silk p. 95 freeway wall
5.7 Double Dog Leg p.98 shorter wall
5.7 Classic Corner p. 109 beetle buttress
5.7 Bush Crack p. 120 losthorse ranger station wall
5.7 White Lighting p.125 hemingway
5.7 Scrumdillishus p. 131 dairy queen
5.7 Frosty Cone p. 131 dairy queen
5.7 Mr. Misty Kiss p.131 dairy queen
5.7 Double Cross p. 189 old woman
5.7 Nereltne p. 223 rock hudson
5.7 Life's a Bitch and Then You Marry One p. 279 dissolution rock
5.7 Mental Physics p.298 lenticular dome
5.7 Wisest Crack p. 379 cowboy crags
5.7 Dolphin p.463 isles in the sky
5.7 Crackup p. 482 laughter rock
5.8 Right Sawdust Crack p.32 trashcan rock
5.8 Baby Roof p.53 ellsmere island (wonderland north)
5.8 Dinky Doinks p.97 tiny tots (losthorse)
5.8 Sail Away p.157 +/- hidden tower (rhv)
5.8 The Flake p.187 intersection rock
5.8 Dog Leg p.189 oldwoman (hvc)
5.8 Hands Off p.197 the wall (hvc)
5.8 Tennis Shoe Crack p.210 stevecanyon (outback)
5.8 Right Peyote Crack p.224 peyote cracks (outback)
5.8 Small World p.394 small world cliff (sheep pass)
5.8 Music Box p.473 castle rock (belle cmpgnd)
5.8 Where 2 Deserts Meet p.477 bovine dome (white tank cmpgnd)
5.8 Crank Queenie p.529 varnished wall (ic)
5.8 Taken for Granite p.550 rattlesnake buttress (ic rattlesnake canyon)
5.8 At Your Pleasure p.353 upper walts route (queen mtn)
LEVEL 1 AND 2 up to 5.9
5.8 Nurn's Romp p. 384 hall of horrors (sheep pass)
5.8 Gem p. 445 conans corridor (jumbo)
5.8+ Continuum p. 459 future games (split rocks)
5.9 Cake Walk p. 96 freeway wall (lh)
5.9 Dummy's Delight p. 178 houser buttress (rhv)
5.9 Looney Toons p. 223 rock hudson (outback)
5.9 Middle Peyote Crack p. 224 peyote cracks (outback)
5.9 Pope's Crack p. 245 echo rock
5.9- Room to Shroom p. 278 room to shroom (barker)
5.9 Touch and Go p. 241 touch and go (echo)
5.9 Sphincter Quits p. 154 sports challenge rock (rhv)
5.9 North Overhang p. 187 intersection rock (hvc)
5.9 Orphan p. 189 old woman (hvc)
5.9 Colorado Crack p. 445 conans corridor (jumbo)
5.9 Invisibility Lessons p. 459 future games (split rocks)
5.9 Super Roof p. 210 steve canyon (outback)


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