Friday, September 12, 2003

So you think your Kung-Fu is good, eh? Your Crane style is no match for my Monkey Style!

So at first I was gonna take down that pic of me that Jorge dug up, but then I thought... damn I look good!

Now just to give you the full story. I "learned" the Davey Crocket Explorer Canoes during the summer of 1999. Your first week out there your ass and back would absolutely kill you, cramping up at every opportunity. We'd "payadul" these 22 person boats around the Rivers of America everyday from 11am until 6pm and although the boats were "unsinkable" we certainly did try. You could stand on the gunnels and rock them back and forth, jump up and down and 'cause the person on the other end to jiggle (fun, if you had the right partner, bouncy bouncy), and every so often "hook" which is to catch another canoe and ram their rear causing them to spin out. This pic was taken with my buddies Jerome and John at the end of my last day at Disney. Since I was the scheduler I put myself on Canoes. What better way to end a job!


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