Friday, September 19, 2003

yeah.....whatever, I'm the cap'n too

1. If ye were responsible for naming yer pirate ship, what would she be called?
Mad Molly
2. When engaged in a life and death battle with the dread pirate hunter, Captain Snotty, my weapon of choice is ....
A bag of feral cats.
3. Fighting is...
An excuse to use me cannon wicks in me beard
4. What is the number one reason you want to be a pirate?
Do I have to choose between the gutting and the garroting?
5.Just before the act of love, I am bound to say ...
"Prepare to be boarded."
6. The best pet for a pirate is ...
A parrot.
7. Every pirate should end his days ...
Going mad and charging the cannons of the fort with a spoon.
8. When the young ones tell tall tales of my adventures in life, I want them to refer to me as "(My name), ...
... The Mad Skull Splitter"


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