Friday, September 19, 2003

For Jenn B
5.3 * B-2 Crack Quail Springs Trashcan Rock Fun, short route
5.3 * Beginner's Three Crack HVCG Intersection Rock
5.3 * Double Crack Crack Indian Cove Short Wall
5.3 * Upper Right Ski Track Crack HVCG Intersection Rock
5.4 ** 39 Steps Crack Wonderland
5.4 ** Bong, The Crack HVCG The Blob Excellent beginner lead
5.4 * Eschar Crack Quail Springs Trashcan Rock Good beginner lead
5.4 ** False Smooth as Silk Crack Lost Horse Freeway Wall
5.4 * Route 66 Crack Wonderland Ellsmere Island Excellent fist crack
5.4 * Squat Rockets Crack Indian Cove Billboard Buttress Very fun
5.5 ** Cellbound Face Indian Cove Jailhouse Rock
5.5 ** Elementary Jamming Crack Geology Tour Road The Tortuga
5.5 * Mr. Rogers Mixed Sheep Pass Televison Wall High quality rock
5.5 ** Right On Crack Sheep Pass Saddle Rocks 3 pitches
5.5 * Wilson Regular Route Crack Lost Horse Lost Horse Wall
5.6 * Circe Face HVCG Cyclops Rock A fine, steep face route.
5.6 * Cute the Moon Face Indian Cove Split Boulder
5.6 ** D.E. Chimney Crack Echo Rock The Gulley
5.6 * Deflowered Crack Outback Steve Canyon
5.6 * Diagnostics Crack Belle CG Castle Rock Somewhat devious
5.6 ** Double Dip Face Echo Rock Echo Rock Excellent beginner slab climb
5.6 ** Duchess Crack Indian Cove Feudal Wall
5.6 ** Fote Hog Crack Real Hidden Valley The Sentinel
5.6 * Fresh Combination Mixed Stirrup Tank Pyramid Tower
5.6 ** Leaping Leana Crack Real Hidden Valley Locomotion Rock
5.6 ** Mikado, The Crack Indian Cove Feudal Wall
5.6 ** Mike's Books Crack HVCG Intersection Rock Direct start is 5.8
5.6 * Moment's Notice Mixed Echo Rock Echo Rock R Rated
5.6 * Plain But Good Hearted Crack Indian Cove King Otto's Castle
5.6 * Serpent Scales Face Indian Cove Indian Palisades Corridor
5.6 ** Stemski Crack Live Oak Whispering Wall
5.6 *** SW Corner Face Ryan CG Headstone Rock
5.6 * Tranquility Crack Indian Cove Moosedog Tower

Jenn's reward will be to lead either White Lightning, Overhang Bypass or Sail Away.
Same deal as Dave Zac and Kirk.


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