Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Indeed, all helmets are considered (by the manufacturer) unsafe after "suspect" impact although C.Y.A. has a lot to do with that. We all would have retired our lids long ago if we adhered to that policy to the letter! Another FYI, Elderid is one of the few (maybe only) manufaturers to warrant their helmets for multiple impact. The thought being that on a long route or expedition you may bet whacked on the noggin more than once before you can get to a shop and replace your lid.

I was totally stoked about the Dyneema HB when I first saw it. It's essentially the classic fiberglass Joe Brown helmet, but using lighter stronger Dyneema. I wonder though if the color will bake your noggin on a hot summer day? Why don't they just leave the Dyneema its normal white color? FYI, they usually have them at A16 if you want to get hands on.

For me, I'll be replacing mine with another Elderid Ultralight. It's cheap and covers my skully just fine. I think bright ass orange color this time!


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