Tuesday, November 23, 2004

So you all want to hear about my date right... Well as of now it's 2am and I'm 2 hours jet lagged. so don't mind the bitter undertones.

8pm I end up at her house and just as I thought, she was not ready, just like a woman. Well she invites me inside and I sit down on the couch and there's a pipe sitting next to me. At this point I'm hoping she has a roomate. No Dice. Well not much to do but to make the best of the night, I'm stuck. We went to dinner and I planned to go to a cool Bar after. She asked if I could swing her by an ATM. I told her she did'nt need money, and she replied "I need you to swing me by someone's house so I can score an 1/8 of weed." So what could I say, there I was drining around Long Beach trying to find a house so she could get some pot. We get there and I wait in the car and call Jorge. After that I figure I can get to a bar and talk to other people. Not so much. She wants to go back to her house and "hang out". Well it was more like we watched T.V. and she smoked out of a bong. Oh ya we talked too. Now I know what stoners do on dates, and now I know I don't ever wnat to be a stoner.

Other than the drug thing She was kick ass, but I just can't deal with that.

Oh well $hit happens there's always climbing to keep my mind, who needs women... right Art. F them


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