Tuesday, June 01, 2004

There I was, face to face with the beast I had only heard of in legend. Its fiery eyes like the lingering coals of our campfire the night before. It stopped just short of our encampment, raised up on its hinds and looked straight at me. Before I could react it moved behind a tree preparing for its strike. Catie unaware of the danger sat comfortably on a log as the beast approached. Jorge and I yelled at her "Lookout, RUN Catie!!!" and with a yelp she fled to safety. Having lost an easy victim the beast was not discouraged and it quickly moved towards our food stores. Being this deep in the wilderness we knew we were doomed if our food were to be lost so the cry went out "To arms, to arms!" as Jorge and I took in hand the sturdiest throwing rocks we could find. Despite the onslaught of hard cold stone the beast was not deterred. Its thick fur coat protecting it from the most direct of blows. But then, finally, our onslaught forced the creature back into the recesses of its cave where it readied itself... As I approached I could feel the heat of its breath, rife with the stink of the victims before. I drew near the mouth of the abyss and there I saw it, claws raised, ready to tear my guts and feast upon my viscera. I summoned up what strength I had left and with a final gasp "That's a bad Marmot! You stay away from our food!" And so the beast was banished, returning only as we left as if to bid a worthy adversary adieu.



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