Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I'm above the last bolt, the topo indicated the crux is getting to the big knob (incidently the last piece of pro before the anchors) 15 feet above me.
The wind keeps threatening to blow me off the route.
I'm smearing with my right foot and edging with my left.
Open gripping slopers and delicate footwork gets me to the knob which I tie off with a slip knot and clip the rope in.
Cool now I've got about thirty feet to go...........with no more pro.
10 feet of 5.9 climbing and I glance down.....Tim and Kristin are staring at me with their mouths open and frightened looks on their faces.
I decide that is NOT good and resolve not to look at them anymore.
Oh hell yes.....a Jugfest!
Well a sloper jugfest and better than what I had at the 10a section.
5 feet from the anchors I find another knob and tie it off (thumb of god).
I reach the chains and clip in....."off belay".
Kristin begins clapping and Tim starts cheering.
I feel like a god.

I love the Needles


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