Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I emailed El Jefe Loco the Needles's his response

Sounds crazy. I miss you guys and the days of Josh. I just started
climbing again. Granted it is usually once a week since I get only one day
off. 80 hours /week has occurred often so it is hard to do anything other
than sleep. I went to a couple sport crags and found the ratings to be 1-2
grades lower than josh. I was (not climbing for a while) able to flash an
11 which would never be harder than 10C at Josh. I actually got two days
off this weekend and went to a place call Leavenworth. Lots of good stuff
and got to trad again. The rating there was solid and got spanked on an 11
a. Basically got a mental spank. I am looking forward to climbing more now
and I have become better at time management.

Well dude..keep up the climbing. We will meet again for some
climbing...maybe this month when I come home for Sept 27 th weekend.


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