Monday, September 01, 2003

Needles day One:
Make camp
Hike to Dome Rock
follow Vern on
3 11a-11b routes
1 10a/b
1 10d
1 10+ (Tobins Dihedral) feels like J-Tree 10d.......not gym 10d........J-tree 10d an absolutely brilliant route
We take no falls and no hangs
Day Two
Hike to main Needles
follow on
1 10a
1 11a/b
Vern takes a 30-40 ft whipper
I thought it was 30 ft all the other climbers in the area thought it was 40 ft.......Vern lives
Vern tests his bruised arm by flashing an 11b
I have a rope burn on my left hand (minor) and stop climbing for the day
Vern flashes a few more routes and we call it a day
Day Three
break camp drive home
Take long long long shower
drink beer
So what'd you guys do?


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