Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Well, my weekend was downright good! "C" did her first trad climb and multipitch to boot. Did and awesome job cleaning my passive and handling the belays at the anchors. And yes, she even caught a fall... I fell outta the crack on the first pitch, DOH! Quote upon reaching the slab "You want me to climb this (as she pats the blank rock face)?!" I'm planning to do the Josh circuit I did when I started leading, gonna get my grade up again. Toe Jam, Bussioneer, White Lightning, Dappled, Double Cross (Ugh!), etc.

Rest of the weekend was pretty mellow... Finally saw Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. Long as hell but pretty cool. New roommate Mandy arrived Sunday morning. She's really cool. "C" and I took her to breakfast and Coldstones for iced cream. They apparently don't have Coldstones in Indiana, but somehow managed 3 Tibetan restaurants?!?! She brought her fish, a Beta named Brewster, out in a nalgene!

And lastly, I finally got to go to Mitsu-wa market. I was totally stoked to see all the things I had been munching on in nippon. I had to resist buying half the stuff in there. "C" and I made gyoza. You'll be happy to know that mine had meat in it!


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