Monday, May 22, 2006

Last day of the season
Had a great last day for the Josh season.
7 different routes 10 pitches, our original goal was 10 routes but we eventually ran out of steam.
Started the day with Overhang Bypass which I haven't done in 5-6 years, still fun and still spicy. Next up was Mike's Book which I also haven't done in quite some time, really fun slinging the horn on the first pitch and I whined a little bit for my mommy on the second slab pitch. After that Brat led Upper Right Ski Track, she asked me a few times what the gear was like and I had to keep shrugging my shoulders and give her a blank look since I've only soloed or down climbed it. She did great even with an injured knee. Since we were right there we figured we might as well get on North Overhang, I put in a bit more gear than the last time I'd been on it and figured out that if you skip putting in a piece after the crux and clip the bolt up high the rope runs much better for your second. We broke for lunch then headed over to Real Hidden Valley.
No one around really, so we hopped on Sail Away and also set up a TR on Wild Wind (which I hate leading). After that we went to Thin Wall where I ran into LD and a group of his friends (anyone remember LD?). Caught up for a bit and then Meg talked me into Leading Fote Hog (say it fast) while we left her co-workers at Thin Wall.
Man, what a great route......can't believe I waited that long to do such a fun one.
Well that pretty much wrapped up the day.....can't wait til next season.


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