Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kel just sent this to me

“Seriously, I am fucking sick and tired of useless troglodite motherfuckers using their cell phones in and during a movie...if you are so goddamned important than leave the theatre and talk at home or your office! Anywhere but in the movies. I want to institute a policy whereby any individual who is annoyed with an asshole using his/her cell phone during a film is allowed to rip it out of their cock-sucking hands smash it and then kick the offender in the teeth while extricating their wallet and charging everyone else’s tickets to their credit cards for being assholes. I think that might cut down on the amount of idiots using their phones in a movie. For Fucks Sake can talk all fucking day long anywhere else except libraries and churches.....stay the fuck home. Secondly, Americans are fucking wasteful useless pigs. Tonight while leaving a brand new, state of the art cineplex in an affluent part of the west-side I noticed that all the "Left wing, wannabe recycling, SUV driving, soccer mom/dad pieces of Shit" had left their fucking trash everywhere in the theatre for some poor kid making 6.50$(if they are lucky) to sweep up. I say we get the names and address of people before going into the movie and if they fuck it up and leave trash we get to go to their homes and fuck their shit up as well....picture it 300 movie goers dumping trash and pissing all over their bathroom floor. ....If you are reading yourself a favor and heed these warnings, because next time I go to the movies, I'm bringing brass knuckles, a bike chain, and a handle of Jack to beat the living piss out of the next fucker who lapses while at the movies....QUIT FUCKING IT UP FOR THE REST OF US!!!!

P.S. ....Stop the Commercials before the previews...its offensive that I just paid 10.50 for commercials I could have gotten for free everywhere else in my life....leave the movies alone and mayble people will start going again.



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