Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So Climber B is at the 3rd bolt moving around trying to find a good clipping stance.
Climber B finally finds a stance and clips the draw in, reaches down and grabs the rope pulling up slack.
As Climber B reaches up to clip in the rope they change their footing and they are unable to reach the draw.
Climber B drops the rope/slack and begins moving around trying to find a better clipping stance.
Belayer D (using a gri-gri) stands ready with both hands on the rope waiting for climber B to clip in or fall.
Belayer D has not taken out any of the slack and the rope is now looping to the ground in front of Belayer D.
Climber B is down climbing and moving right and left trying to find a better stance.
Climber A barks out "Belayer D take the slack out!" which Belayer D does so in a nonchalant and slow manner.
Climber B finally finds a stance and clips in the rope.
Climber A explains to Belayer D why leaving 7 feet of slack out when Climber B is 14-20 feet above the ground and climbing around is a bad idea.
Belayer D looks at Climber A with a "whatever, you don't know what you're talking about" expression on their face.
Climber A decides that n00bs suck and that n00bs who think they know it all suck the worst of all.


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