Sunday, April 24, 2005

This weekend in Redrocks Holden and I did a route that was long and sustained. Bob and Danny guided us on the approach (2 hrs) and descent/downclimb (2 hrs). Allowing us to race another party to the route and beat them there by 1/2 hour. Holden led all the hard pitches and I led the easy ones. Most of the pitches were about 80-90 feet long, I led 2 pitches back to back at 120' and 140'.
The route was 9 pitches long with a short 5.6 (felt like 5.4) top out of 30 feet. We climbed the entire thing in 7 hrs averaging 45 minutes per pitch. 13 hours of climbing, hiking, boulder hopping and downclimbing we were back at the cars at 7:30 pm. Holden took one fall on the crux pitch, I took one 2nding the crux and a couple others later none on lead only on 2nd.
Stellar weekend and stellar route, stellar partner and stellar friends to do it with (Bob and Danny repeated it).
Lynn Hill has called this her favorite route and it's not the Nose.
It took every thing I had to even 2nd this route......I've got a long ways to go before I'm anywhere near Holden, Danny and Bob.

We were also rained on for about ten minutes which turned to hail for about 5 minutes or so.


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