Monday, March 21, 2005

Cold Beer Dirty Girls Chicken Dinner!
So I was at the red rock rendevous and got a close up look at the Metolius freaky cams.
The "cable" in the photo is Kevlar cord which wraps around one of the axles like a winch.
I'd be a little worried about durability. I've seen what happens to the trigger wires on my cams when they've been stuffed into my backpack one too many times.
I don't think I'd buy any of these until I had a chance talk to someone who's owned some for at least a few years.
Also the trango max cams: the two axles are closer together than they appear in the CGI simulation. Which places the fulcrum closer to the leverage axle. I asked them about the angle of degree in the logarithmic spiral but they didn't know jack about it.
Swag from RRR.
One bright shiny stainless steel nut tool.
One t-shirt (immediately given away).
2 coffee mugs (one of which I got from Petzl).
A handful of stickers.
One Metolius Haulbag frisbee (dogs love these).
A set of Trango Crampon straps (any takers?).
Latest issue of Rock and Ice.
One large tube of North Face sunscreen/chapstick.
One North Face Beer can Coozie.
Clif Bars.
Dinner(cheese burgers and hotdogs).
All the fat tire beer I could drink (and then some).
2 sore shoulders from trying to redpoint an 11b (rated 11d in guidebook) overhanging limestone sport route during a drizzly saturday afternoon.
8 achey fingers from climbing and crimping.

Lost one bright yellow plastic egg container and one fleece vest.


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