Tuesday, March 01, 2005

posted by Malcom Daly (maldaly) of Trango on rc.com

Good eyes. There will be some shallow pockets where the main axle interferes with the placement. I don't know how many fo those types of shallow placements exist outside of the Gunks, though. As far as weight goes, they're listed on our website at www.trango.com/prod.php Click on the Cam Specs link. I think you'll find that few cams are lighter. As for horizontals, one of our tests is to pull the cam in directions other than perpendicular to the line between the contact points of the cam lobes on the rock which is the way the CE spec determines. We've pulled 25 degrees off perpendicular in both directions and the cams hold. You'd be surprised what cams DON"T pass this test. Most stable placements in horizontals is the same as any four cam; with the outer lobes down. As always, it's good to carry a selection of gear because nothing works everywhere.


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