Monday, February 14, 2005

Purchased one(1) .75 C4 camalot.
Took a long fall on an 11b sport climb, Mud Tiger...bolt to bolt about 10 feet plus rope stretch and dynamic catch equals about 15-20 feet. You can't clip below the bolt it has to be at shoulder/chest level unless you can clip in the middle of a drop knee lunge to a sloper.
Took another long one on "Out of control" 10c. Splitter crack hands to finger to offwidth topped by a roof. Whipped on the fingers section after pumping out(yellow alien). Also fell in the middle of the offwidth(#4 camalot).
Lost $94 at craps, why oh why can't I learn to quit while ahead. Up 200+ and gave it all back.
I have a 2 inch bruise on my left bicep, scrape marks on both forearms and my left ankle, a gobie on my right elbow and a gobie on my left wrist. All my cuticles are torn, my back is sore, my legs ache and my forearms are sore too.
Great weekend and can't wait to go back.


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