Thursday, October 09, 2003

So here is the deal now, I fly home on the 19th and start rehersals for A Perfect Circle on the 20th for five days I think then have 2 days off before I fly out again to start in San Antonio. Scince I wont have time in between tours I'm flying my girfriend to Vegas. That's why RR is out. I was planning on flying to Chiago to see her in between tours but that's not gonna happen and this next tour dosen't go to Chiago so I won't see her untill mid December.

So I may not be able to climb untill the end of the next tour which is in mid December. Thhis sucks, I just bought 12 new wiregates on the net and are sitting at home in a box never used. Well J-tree gathering here I come.

Let the flames begin about the girl friend


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