Monday, October 31, 2005

So we stayed in motel Hell for one night and then moved into a sweet little bungalow up the street where our friend Char was staying.
Waves were really good but the vendors were still kind of annoying.

Got home and after dropping Kel and Mike off at the airport on sunday drove up to Pasadena and picked up The Brat and Her buddy Mat to do a little climbing in Williamson.
Led Shroomin 11b in my approach shoes to show off and got in a few easy routes to finish the day before the jetlag kicked in.

Uggggg jetlag sucks........I need a fricking nap.

Wearing clothes feels weird.......I just spent 2 weeks running around wearing only board shorts and flip flops everyday.
I have a great tan and some fantastic memories........I wanna go back....who's up for Thailand in a year?


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