Monday, March 15, 2004

Sunday night as I'm driving home from having a couple of beers with some friends I get pulled over by the CHP on Pch. I was thinking about this rather odd conversation I'd just had with a girl about a beauty salon she was thinking about buying that ended with her demanding that I take a vacation somewhere in europe, preferably England or Ireland. Anyway my mind was wandering and I apparently was driving 50 in a 40 mph zone without realizing it.
When the police pulled me over I was polite and non-confrontational about how fast I was going.
I told the officer I wasn't really paying attention to my speed and apologized. At which point he must have smelt the beer on my breath because he asked me if I'd been drinking.....I admitted to having finished my 2nd beer about 10 minutes ago and my first one about a half hour before that.
He asked me to take a roadside and I offered to just do the breathalyzer since we both knew I'd had a few and he agreed. I blew a .02 and the officer handed me my license and registration back and let me go with a warning about not driving too fast and keeping my mind on the road.
Cool guy he could have been a total jerk and he could have written me a ticket but he didn't.


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