Friday, July 25, 2003

So I took the "All look the same" quiz. Yes they all look the same, but I still got an 11. As for the "Is your roommate a peak bagger?" There are a few things missing from that quiz...
-Enough gear spread across the floor to outfit a small scout troop.
-Knows the REI, Sierra Trading Post, Northern Mountain, Mountain Gear catalogues by heart.
-Can tell you the weight, down to the gram, of any given summit jacket
-Knows more than three German climbing words
-Has a book on the "worlds tallest peaks" on the back of the toilet
-Owns three pair of shoes, all by 5.10
-Goes to "Slideshows"
-Is "friends" with more than one person that has summited Everest
-Knows all the trade routes up Shasta, Rainier, Whitney, etc.
Well, you get the point... I think this list will be ongoing then I'll post it to Other than that...Fuckity Fuck Fuck!


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