Monday, June 23, 2003

Here's something for everyone... 'specially you Art aka Mr. Big Picture! If you want to post an image to the blog page the code is below. Here's what you need to do:
1. change the 1's at beginning and end of the code to < and >
2. change the 2 to the URL of your image. leave the "" on both ends.
2a. You can find the URL for the image by holding the cursor over an image and right clicking. It'll look something like (Http// Simply highlight, cut, and paste the URL desired URL.
3. change the 3's to your desired width and height (in pixels) for the image. You can find the default image size the same way you found the URL, right clicking the image.
4. the 4 is a pop-up text that will display when you hold the cursor over the image. A caption of sorts. It's optional so you can delete the (alt="..." tag if you like.
5. change the 5 to left, right, top, bottom, center, etc... to align your image on the page and with your text.
Lastly, remember to leave all the "quotation marks" intact.

1img src="2" width="3" height="3" alt="4" align="5"1

It'll look something like this: 1img src="" width="200" height="178" alt="Grrr, I’m gonna eat your ass!" align="center"1


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